Engaged and Inspired.

Eastern Michigan Historic Preservation Workshop EMU's Historic Preservation Graduate Students enjoyed a two day overview of  IMI's Historic Masonry Preservation Certificate Program.

The list of historic buildings is forever increasing, so is the demand for masons who have the necessary skills and knowledge in preserving them. The objective of this program is to better equip the BAC members with a base knowledge in historic masonry preservation so they can continue to compete and maintain the competitive edge in the ever-growing historic masonry restoration market. An overview of the complete course offered to BAC Journeymen and women is detailed below.

The main topics that will be presented as well as demonstrated during training sessions are:

Fundamentals of Historic Preservation: This module will discuss the history of the preservation movement as well as discuss current trends in the field of preservation. Participants will also have a more in-depth understanding on the four treatment approaches: Preservation, Restoration, Stabilization and Rehabilitation.

Mortars in Preservation: This module will cover the development and use of masonry mortars in the U.S. Upon the conclusion of this module, participants will have an in-depth understanding of lime-based mortars, natural cements, use of pozzolans and hydraulic based mortars. Lecture will also focus on the chemistry behind mortars and their appropriateness depending on masonry types, masonry quality and location. This session includes a hands-on workshop where participants will prepare and install lime-based mortars as well as utilize several mortar extraction methods. (Grinders w/vacuum attachments, routers, arbor tech etc.)

Introduction to Architecture: In this module participants will be provided with a general overview on how the construction process evolved. This module includes exploring the timeline on how building technologies impacted the American way of building. Participants will also be provided with an overview of basic architectural vocabulary.

Building Technology: In this module participants will examine the properties of building materials and the mechanism of deterioration. Other topics include diagnostic methods, including examining and evaluating historic fabric, sustainability issues. Upon completion participants will have a better understanding of the building as a system, participants will be given an opportunity to take a tour to a nearby structure where they can put into practice what they learned by providing possible treatments.

Additional topics that will be included during the sessions:

  • Terra Cotta/ Stone Restoration
  • Dutchman Repair
  • Masonry Cleaning
  • Condition Assessment

IMI Historic Masonry Preservation Certificate Program

  • Structural Reports
  • Mold Making and Casting
  • Brick Restoration
  • Caulking/sealants
  • Consolidants
  • Grout Injection
  • Overview on the uses of proprietary patch material (Jahn, Edison Coatings)
  • General safety awareness training on lead, pcb’s, asbestos, infestations and scaffolds etc..

Pre requisites: In order to enroll candidates must fulfill the prerequisites:

  • Be classified as a Journeyman.
  • Must have 10yrs of trade experience.
  • Must pass both, the written exam(s) as well as the hands-on portions of the program.
  • Be member in good standing.
  • Must attend all training modules offered during the two-week training period regardless of trade experience.