MUST - Management & Unions Serving Together

Since its founding in 1988, the M.U.S.T. label has meant a total quality job.

MUST is a nonprofit 501-C-5 organization that maintains its budget through joint contributions based on a cent per hour worked from each building tradesmen and is then matched by each signatory contractor association.

BAC Members in need of access to the online MUST safety modules or need a drug test authorization form should contact the BAC office at 586-754-0888. 

To begin a safety module or to loacte an approved collection site click this link then:

The first initial log in to the enhanced program will require you to  enter your:

1.   Full SSN as  your Username

2.   First four digits of your SSN as your Password

You now have the option to create your own unique username and password if you do not wish to utilize your SSN. (Please remember this is case sensitive)

Collection Site Locator Map - Click This Link to be directed to our resourse page which includes a location map. Please note that the MUST office does not update the map. You can also click "Collection Sites" under the blue bar on the login page.